Prenatal 121 Training

Prenatal 121 Training

Prepare your body for the big day.

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Postnatal 121 Training

Postnatal  121 Training

Regain your body, Strength your core and feel energised

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Rehabilitation Programmes

Rehabilitation Programmes

Strengthen, tone, rehabilitate. Post-operative, Pre & Postnatal

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  • Its very hard to put this experience into words. I have had opportunity to meet Margarita during my second visit to Brighton. She is an intuitive and connected therapist, figures out need of body and works according to it. During my massage session, I could feel strong tangible flow of energies into my body, which healed me of every minor stiffness and other energy blockages. I can happily recommend her to anyone who wants a deeper experience of massage therapy. Thank you Margarita. Blessings, Vipin

    Vipin, Himalays
  • Margarita is a special person. She is kind , gentle and very professional. Thanks to her treatment I no longer have painful knees , and have therefore stopped the medication I was taking regularly. After a massage by her you feel as if walking on air . I have recommended her to lots of my friends and they are delighted. Penny B, Brighton & Hove

    Penny B, Brighton & Hove
  • I did weekly prenatal classes with Margarita from my fifth month of pregnancy right up to a few weeks before my baby was born. The classes were great. They really helped me to maintain gentle fitness and ensure I did all the right kind of movements and stretches while pregnant. Margarita knows the anatomy incredibly well and would give us individual attention based on our particular needs or how difficult we'd find each exercise. She never pushed us beyond what we could comfortably manage and each class was a good mixture between a gentle work out and relaxation. Towards the end of my pregnancy, margarita also helped with positions that could help me relax at home and relieve the pressure I felt in my pelvis, but also positions that I could use during labour in order to keep moving, stay as comfortable as possible and also help the baby on its way!

  • I just wanted to say a massive "Thankyou" to you for running the competition and choosing me as the winner for this fantastic prize. I suffered from diastasis after my pregnancy, and Margarita's sessions were perfect for helping to rehabilitate me. She has so much knowledge about this, and I found her tuition far more valuable in my recovery than anything I got from the physio I had been referred to.

    Paula, Brighton
  • Margarita's Deep Tissue Massage is an amazing experience. Her sessions are a perfect combination of therapeutic manipulation and wonderful relaxation and are truly invigorating. I could literally feel my blood flow increasing at great speed. Margarita has sound knowledge of anatomy and tailors her sessions to perfection‎. I left the room feeling brand new!

    Suzie Valerio
  • I have lived in Brighton for a long time and seen several different people for massages, but I wouldn't go anywhere else now after receiving a fantastic massage from Margarita. The massage was the perfect combination of relaxation and remedial deep tissue massage to relieve my aches and pains. Margarita is very knowledgeable and intuitive especially when it comes to female bodies. I would recommend Margarita to all mums and mums to be!

    Rachael, Hove
  • I started seeing Margarita 2/3 times a week for SPD and general pelvis and back discomfort during my second pregnancy. I really suffered with my first so I was determined to find a solution to help me this time around. Margarita literally has a magic touch, there were times where even walking was uncomfortable but every treatment made the day to day things easier. I don't know what I would do without her, so much so that I still have monthly treatments and my little one is 5 months old. I would recommend Margarita to anyone during pregnancy, even if you have no discomfort, her treatments leave you feeling like a new woman and who doesn't want that feeling when they're growing a tiny human! Thank you Margarita!

    Sara Kuehne
  • Margarita helped me prepare for a major surgery and recover from it. It all went really well. I also felt supported and understood throughout the whole process. She’s superb. I can’t recommend her massages enough!

    Ingrid, Hove
  • “Me and my wife have been visiting Margarita for some training and it has been working out great. Margarita’s enthusiasm is infectious! She is an amazing motivator. She makes you feel comfortable instantly and wastes no time getting you to where you need to be. I started seeing results very quickly and felt like the regime she had tailored for me was perfect. After a few sessions I started to learn to motivate myself both in and outside of the sessions. She makes you feel good when you out the effort in and is a pleasure to be around, I look forward to the sessions. I can recommend going as a couple if that is an option, it is good fun with Margarita.” Pete, Brighton

    Peter, Brighton
  • “I have done many different exercise in the past, but I have never met such a brilliant and knowledgeable trainer as margarita. The sessions are fun but challenging and she concentrates on what mums needs to tone!!! She really watches your technique this makes sure you will tone quicker and without injury. Previously I had attended different Pilates classes, but found them boring and not challenging, margarita uses a lot of Pilates in her sessions, I now really enjoy Pilates and can see a difference in my body already!!!!”

    Emma – Hugos mum (Brighton)
  • “I initially started with 10 personal training sessions with Margarita. During the first session we formed a great rapport. Her first assessment was detailed. I suffer from a bad lower back and hip, predominantly work related. Margarita took this into account and specifically tailored each session to help improve my posture and core stability, whilst taking into account my need for a cardiovascular workout in order tone and lose weight. She adjusted the sessions accordingly always explaining why, which I found extremely helpful. Margarita is a great motivator, enthusiastic and is knowledgeable about what she does (which I found very reassuring). What I found most beneficial is her ability to integrate Pilates with her personal training sessions. In the 10 sessions I found that my fitness, posture and core stability improved beyond a level I expected. Margarita gives great advice and sets realistic goals. In addition, she recommended a great osteopath to work with in conjunction to my training with her. This worked amazingly to help improve my training sessions with her. I was so pleased with the results; I booked a further block of 10 sessions (would love to have booked more but I moved to Australia), definitely worth it. Margarita is an amazing trainer with a fantastic personality. She is dedicated and really takes time and effort to ensure that you succeed in your aims. She does this with a smile and humour, I always looked forward to her session, despite how tired or exhausted I was. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your general tone, strengthen your core stability, or all three (which is what I wanted), I would definitely recommend Margarita – She does it all whilst making it fun at the same time.

    Shaheen Dixon (Radiologist OZ)
  • Margarita is a great motivator, enthusiastic and is knowledgeable about what she does.

    Aye, Mum of two, Hove
  • “I never thought that at the age of 84 I would be having one to one sessions with a Personal Trainer but after speaking with Margarita I had to give it a go. I explained how I was having problems with my pelvic floor. My GP had said that it was old age and I should just accept that this is the way it will be. Margarita on the other hand said the pelvic floor is a muscle and like all muscles they can be strengthen and improved. I saw her for 8 weeks, she took me through various core exercises as well as pelvic floor exercises and now I do them at home every day and my pelvic floor is much stronger. I no longer have that sense of urgency that would always send me into a panic.”

    Beata 84yrs (Hove)
  • “Invaluable advice!! thanks so much for coming over! Margarita definitely has made me think about my posture, and I have been doing the exercises, and pelvic floor exercises every day.”

    Jess Haggerty (4 months pregnant in Brighton)
  • "I can’t thank you enough for all your help, support and above all, making it fun and personal. You have done wonders and I always tell people how fab you are. Will definitely be back for more if we are lucky enough to have a baby number 2."

    Lorraine, Hove
  • “Margarita has the ability to make a tired, lumpy, worn out new Mum feel like she has a real chance at getting her swagger back. The workouts are enjoyably hard and carefully designed to concentrate on the areas that pregnancy has taken its toll. She is an incredible motivator and instils the belief that getting back to your pre-pregnancy figure and energy levels, is not far off. She is also very good company along the way and empathetic having two young children of her own, although don’t expect her to go soft as she has your goal in sight even if you are not clear what it is yet! You will learn to love the plank and all exercises involving an inflatable ball.”

    Karen Covic mum of a beautiful little girl
  • “Margaritas energy and attitude to fitness is contagious! I was never into my fitness but training with her has made me love it!

    Maria, Hove (mum of two 4 & 2)
  • “After a stressful year in 2011, I put on the pounds rather quickly gaining a whole stone in a matter of months. By Christmas I went from a size 10/12 to a size 12/14 (sometimes a 16) and for a 5’7” 17 year old , this was just horrible! Being overweight was really depressing and it was made worse when my friends and family began noticing my weight gain. Although they meant no harm, their comments played in my mind so I began FAD dieting and going to the gym 5 days a week. This didn’t help at all as anything I lost was gained back the following week. I’m addicted to snacking so I tried swapping my usual snacks with ‘healthy’ products like oat bars and Actimel etc. After ‘dieting’ for two months or so and no significant weight loss, I decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer. All the PT sites I came across seemed alright but charged hefty fees for their services. Fortunately, I found Margarita Bennett (Maggie) who replied to all my inquiries really fast and set up a consultation for the following day. Maggie is very friendly as well as professional in what she does. In less than 4 sessions (over 2 weeks) I had lost 3lbs and inches everywhere! Her nutrition plans are realistic and are personalised so that they’re easy to follow and most importantly: maintain! I would definitely recommend Margaritas services as she is professional as well as easy to work with!”

    Miss Daniel, Brighton (Student)