Bodywork Massage Therapy


The method used in Bodywork massage therapy is a combination between an Eastern and Western Approach. It is a beautiful fusion of Shiatsu and deep tissue with elements of Thai Stretches, Acupressure  and Trigger points.

This Massage is the perfect combination with Margaritas training method either as a package or as a stand alone treatment. 

The initial treatment is 90mins as it will include a 30 min Consultation, thereafter the treatments are the usual clinical hr of 50mins treatment.  

Bodywork massage is different from most massage therapy as not only does it help with relaxation but it can reduce pain, it helps with keeping stress levels down, it increases body mobility and improves body realignment.

It not only decreases tension; it increases circulation and improves skin elasticity which boosts the immune system as well as aids in the rehabilitation of Diastasis Recti  when applied to the abdominal muscles and connective tissue. 

Many clients that have chronic conditions like ME, MS, Fibromyalgia, Post Cancer, Stroke, Insomnia, Migraines, Virtigo attend treatment with Margarita on a regular basis. This can be done weekly, bi weekly or monthly. Many find that it relieves their symptoms and they view it as an MOT  

  • Margarita is a calm, intuitive, knowledgeable woman who offered a space of healing and rest for myself. I worked with margarita through a time of crisis in my life. I was extracting my self from a long term abusive relationship,  and living with many external responsibilities and internal trauma that I was carrying with in my body and mind . With out talking as you would a counsellor ( we did little talking ) margarita knew. Her intuition and ability know how and where to work is a gift. It was a gift I gave my self. I felt safe with her, that trust has been important in my healing, because it is very easy to cut off from your body and not feel but it remembers, and carries it, holds on to it.. margarita worked with me so I could move forward.. to today and today is good .

    Lara B, Brighton
  • While passing through Brighton last year, I was referred to Margarita for a massage and thankfully took my friends advice. I have worked in the health field for 20+ years and I am often reluctant to get massages from unknown practitioners, as they often lack even a back understanding of physiology. Margarita is quite a special in that she has a deep knowledge base, and is both interested and passion about physical recovery. It would be wrong to categorise what she does as a simply 'massage', as she is, in the truest sense of the word, a healer. It was one of the most relaxing massages I've ever received, but most importantly, in one session she was able to make lasting corrections to a long standing shoulder issue I've had. She is incredibly kind and caring, and I would like to pass on that very lucky recommendation I received a year ago, as it was more then deserved. Anthony Lucero, USA

    Anthony Lucero, USA
  • Its very hard to put this experience into words. I have had opportunity to meet Margarita during my second visit to Brighton. She is an intuitive and connected therapist, figures out need of body and works according to it. During my massage session, I could feel strong tangible flow of energies into my body, which healed me of every minor stiffness and other energy blockages. I can happily recommend her to anyone who wants a deeper experience of massage therapy. Thank you Margarita. Blessings, Vipin

    Vipin, Himalays
  • Margarita is a special person. She is kind , gentle and very professional. Thanks to her treatment I no longer have painful knees , and have therefore stopped the medication I was taking regularly. After a massage by her you feel as if walking on air . I have recommended her to lots of my friends and they are delighted. Penny B, Brighton & Hove

    Penny B, Brighton & Hove
  • Margarita's Deep Tissue Massage is an amazing experience. Her sessions are a perfect combination of therapeutic manipulation and wonderful relaxation and are truly invigorating. I could literally feel my blood flow increasing at great speed. Margarita has sound knowledge of anatomy and tailors her sessions to perfection‎. I left the room feeling brand new!

    Suzie Valerio
  • I have lived in Brighton for a long time and seen several different people for massages, but I wouldn't go anywhere else now after receiving a fantastic massage from Margarita. The massage was the perfect combination of relaxation and remedial deep tissue massage to relieve my aches and pains. Margarita is very knowledgeable and intuitive especially when it comes to female bodies. I would recommend Margarita to all mums and mums to be!

    Rachael, Hove