Postnatal Personal Training

Margarita’s knowledge as a postnatal rehabilitation specialist trainer, comes from years of training women in a one to one setting, as well as seeing and rehabilitating 100′s of women through her Belly Buster classes.

She has strengthen and stabilized many clients helping them change their postural bad habits, in turn removing their back pain and aiding in their recovery from Diastasis Recti, Stress Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. On many occasions Margarita has dealt with Postnatal Depression and issues such as Thyroid dysfunction.

Margarita uses her experience to deal with many conditions and brings her rehabilitational expertise through various methods; from using Stott Pilates and Core Stability to strength Training.

Margarita believes it does not matter if you had your baby 6 weeks ago or 3 yrs ago, it is important to look at your body and see how pregnancy has changed / impacted on it. A weak core can affect so many other areas and unless you address it, build it up and strengthen those muscles again, it will always be an issue. This is why so many women suffer from back ache and knee problems…. You do not need to suffer from backache and knee problems forever.

Margarita’s goal is to help postnatal mamas feel better, not only physically but also by increasing energy levels which is vital when there are little ones running around!
Training can begin after your doctors’ check-up (usually 6 weeks if normal delivery).

If you have had a C-Section you should delay your training for approximately 8 – 12 weeks once your doctor has given you the all clear.


Having had a C-Section herself Margarita is fully aware of the limitations our bodies go through while recovering.

All training programmes are design to help your body to regain its shape, slowly manage weight and improve energy levels and posture.
Everyone is different, as every pregnancy and birth is different. There is not one solution or one diet or one exercise….

Getting your fitness levels back needs to be done gradually. During the first few months, moderate exercises is great but, always remember that your body has gone through a massive hormonal change and all this needs to balance back. These hormonal changes have also impacted your muscles and ligaments, therefore the sessions will be gradual and they will change as your muscles re-tone and your strength increases.

  • I continued to see Margarita for post-natal classes after my baby was born. These, too, are great classes as they help your body heal and get back into shape with a special focus on the areas that need particular attention after childbirth - for example, I learnt how to hold my abdominal muscles while lifting things so as to allow them to heal and reconnect. I can't recommend these classes enough. I'm still attending, and intend to continue in any future pregnancies!

  • I just wanted to say a massive "Thankyou" to you for running the competition and choosing me as the winner for this fantastic prize. I suffered from diastasis after my pregnancy, and Margarita's sessions were perfect for helping to rehabilitate me. She has so much knowledge about this, and I found her tuition far more valuable in my recovery than anything I got from the physio I had been referred to.

    Paula, Brighton
  • I started seeing Margarita 2/3 times a week for SPD and general pelvis and back discomfort during my second pregnancy. I really suffered with my first so I was determined to find a solution to help me this time around. Margarita literally has a magic touch, there were times where even walking was uncomfortable but every treatment made the day to day things easier. I don't know what I would do without her, so much so that I still have monthly treatments and my little one is 5 months old. I would recommend Margarita to anyone during pregnancy, even if you have no discomfort, her treatments leave you feeling like a new woman and who doesn't want that feeling when they're growing a tiny human! Thank you Margarita!

    Sara Kuehne
  • “I have done many different exercise in the past, but I have never met such a brilliant and knowledgeable trainer as margarita. The sessions are fun but challenging and she concentrates on what mums needs to tone!!! She really watches your technique this makes sure you will tone quicker and without injury. Previously I had attended different Pilates classes, but found them boring and not challenging, margarita uses a lot of Pilates in her sessions, I now really enjoy Pilates and can see a difference in my body already!!!!”

    Emma – Hugos mum (Brighton)
  • “I found out about Margarita’s class on NetMums and it sounded exactly what i had been looking for, a way to get my body back into shape after having my baby Six Months ago. Margarita’s classes are amazing! after just two classes I started to see a real difference in how toned I was. The class is a blend of a flipping’ good work out (aka warm up!) and Pilates and as Margarita keeps the classes to a small number she can give you lots of feedback about how to make sure you’re in the right position/posture etc I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to get their body back into shape. Even though you will feel the pain! Margarita is lovely and the results are worth it  )

    Andrea and Finlay, Brighton
  • “I’ve been working with Margarita for just over six months. I have never been ‘into’ exercise and never saw myself as being a fit person. After having twins I developed continual backache and pains down both legs, which I resigned myself was how I would always be. I was recommended Margarita by a friend and what started as me wanting to lose a little weight has turned into a completely new way of thinking about myself. Margarita did a postural assessment and quickly realised the sort of exercise that I needed to do. I hadn’t intended my sessions with her to stop the backache and other pains but within a couple of weeks I realised that I wasn’t waking up in the night feeling uncomfortable any more. Six months later and I realise that I actually love doing exercise and that I genuinely look forward to my sessions with Margarita. She is very realistic about what a busy mum can do and doesn’t put pressure on; instead she is motivating, warm and encouraging. I go at my own pace and it is so satisfying to see the little bit more I can do each time, and how my body is changing. I feel very lucky to have found her and would definitely recommend anyone, particularly mums, to go to her sessions.”

    Robyn Adams, Mum of 3
  • “Training with Margarita has been great fun! I have had three babies back to back, they are six, four and eighteen months. After having my third I literally felt like i’d been in a car crash! My back, neck and shoulders were constantly aching, and although I am lucky to have never been over weight, I had gained a tyre around my middle which I was incredibly self concious and unhappy about. I joined a gym which has been great but I mainly stuck to classes as I found the advice and guidance or the gym instructors completely useless. This is where Margarita has really helped me out. She assessed me and told me exactly what was wrong with me, and where I was out of alignment. However, most importantly she has showed me the right excercises I need to do to correct my problems. It has been amazing, my back, neck and shoulders are nearly back to normal and my tyre has almost gone. I feel stronger and have loads more energy, and can see my body shape changing, which is really rewarding. I have found a new love for fitness which I never had before! I love going to the gym now, thank you Margarita.”

    Natalia Perkins, Hove
  • Margarita is a great motivator, enthusiastic and is knowledgeable about what she does.

    Aye, Mum of two, Hove
  • “I have been training with Maggie since the summer last year when I fell pregnant with my second baby. It was amazing training with her as she pushed me hard and new how far to go. I suffered badly from Symphys Pubis Disorder with my first pregnancy and I was really worried it was going to come back. Halfway through my pregnancy I started getting tinges of SPD but Margarita knew exactly how to help and it stopped as soon as I started implementing the advice that she gave me. I had a fab pregnancy throughout, I now have a beautiful 4 month baby boy and I am still training with Maggie. I am happily losing the lbs and my core strength is gradually getting better. I love training with Maggie as she knows exactly how far to push me!”

    Juliette Kenda , Brighton (mum of 4yrs old and 4 month old boys)
  • “I never thought that at the age of 84 I would be having one to one sessions with a Personal Trainer but after speaking with Margarita I had to give it a go. I explained how I was having problems with my pelvic floor. My GP had said that it was old age and I should just accept that this is the way it will be. Margarita on the other hand said the pelvic floor is a muscle and like all muscles they can be strengthen and improved. I saw her for 8 weeks, she took me through various core exercises as well as pelvic floor exercises and now I do them at home every day and my pelvic floor is much stronger. I no longer have that sense of urgency that would always send me into a panic.”

    Beata 84yrs (Hove)
  • “I started working out with Margarita Bennett about four months after having my second child. I’d found it hard to lose the baby weight after this particular pregnancy (I’m 5ft1” and normally a size 8-10, but had just had an 11lb baby) so I’d pretty much assumed my bikini days were over! Then Margarita came along and changed all of that. Not only did she change my body shape, my energy levels and also my rate of fitness, but she also completely altered my attitude to exercise – and I’d thought all of that was impossible! If I could give any woman any piece of advice it is this: Don’t buy that dress or that cake or that nail polish. Instead, treat yourself to some one-to-one workouts with Margarita. Why? Because, in the long run, it will be money better spent. I worked bloody hard for one hour a week (all the time I could spare as a busy mum) but it really worked. After each workout, Margarita gave me lots of nutritional advice too. I really appreciated this and I have to say that the two things combined were the recipe for getting fit, slim and healthy. Lots of trainers might specialise in women’s fitness, but Margarita just seems to know exactly what needs to be done to put things back together again. If you get a chance to sign up for training with Margarita, just do it (because she gets booked up pretty quickly and her sessions are gold dust). Working out with her gave me the right balance of encouragement and good results. It changed my life because she made me want to exercise.” “Incidentally, in my first five weeks of working out with Margarita, I lost 5” off my waist. She’s amazing.”

    Jessica Harvey 32 (mother of two young healthy strapping boys)
  • "Margaritas sessions are fantastic and a lesson both me and my baby really look forward to each week. They are excellent if you are keen to get back in to shape but want to do this with your baby and so encouraging play and bonding. The classes are small with emphasis on tailoring sessions to the individuals and babies present. I started the classes when my daughter was 3 months old. She loves the classes whether she is watching the other babies, the other mums or participating as a weight for my exercises!! Margarita is a great motivator and has been fantastic helping me get in shape."

    Kim, Hove
  • “Margarita has the ability to make a tired, lumpy, worn out new Mum feel like she has a real chance at getting her swagger back. The workouts are enjoyably hard and carefully designed to concentrate on the areas that pregnancy has taken its toll. She is an incredible motivator and instils the belief that getting back to your pre-pregnancy figure and energy levels, is not far off. She is also very good company along the way and empathetic having two young children of her own, although don’t expect her to go soft as she has your goal in sight even if you are not clear what it is yet! You will learn to love the plank and all exercises involving an inflatable ball.”

    Karen Covic mum of a beautiful little girl
  • ‘This class was exactly what I was looking for – a class that you can take a baby to and actually do some exercise. Time is so precious as a mum so a class specifically aimed at key bits for post-natal women of varied levels of fitness is fantastic. I hadn’t exercised in 3 years after the birth of my son and am so delighted this class exists after my second child. Margarita is inspiring, motivating and understanding. So much that I decided to have one to one sessions too! It’s really great to focus on yourself a bit having had a baby.’

    Cas, Hove
  • “Margaritas energy and attitude to fitness is contagious! I was never into my fitness but training with her has made me love it!

    Maria, Hove (mum of two 4 & 2)
  • “After a stressful year in 2011, I put on the pounds rather quickly gaining a whole stone in a matter of months. By Christmas I went from a size 10/12 to a size 12/14 (sometimes a 16) and for a 5’7” 17 year old , this was just horrible! Being overweight was really depressing and it was made worse when my friends and family began noticing my weight gain. Although they meant no harm, their comments played in my mind so I began FAD dieting and going to the gym 5 days a week. This didn’t help at all as anything I lost was gained back the following week. I’m addicted to snacking so I tried swapping my usual snacks with ‘healthy’ products like oat bars and Actimel etc. After ‘dieting’ for two months or so and no significant weight loss, I decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer. All the PT sites I came across seemed alright but charged hefty fees for their services. Fortunately, I found Margarita Bennett (Maggie) who replied to all my inquiries really fast and set up a consultation for the following day. Maggie is very friendly as well as professional in what she does. In less than 4 sessions (over 2 weeks) I had lost 3lbs and inches everywhere! Her nutrition plans are realistic and are personalised so that they’re easy to follow and most importantly: maintain! I would definitely recommend Margaritas services as she is professional as well as easy to work with!”

    Miss Daniel, Brighton (Student)