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"Rising out of the Medical Industry. Learning to heal yourself with alternative health."

In this amazing page you will find clips and tips from many different experts in their field. We will be sharing free Health and Wellbeing information. Many of us wonder where to go when we are diagnosed with a condition or when we are suffering from a chronic condition and there seems to be no cure. Phoenix Health is here to help empower you with knowledge.

Whether it is Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Postpartum issues, Cancer, ME, MS, Depression, Anxiety and the list goes on and on.... Sadly in our Western Medical world does not look at the person or condition as a whole.

Questions such as - ‘What is the condition and how does it make you feel? What was happening to you at the time that it started? What are your habits daily? How are your stress levels? What is your diet? all and much more impacts and are the reason dis-ease and chronic conditions happen. Dis-ease, when you are not at ease.

Everything we do, eat, feel impacts every cell in our body which intern impacts muscles, organise, nervous system and so on. Our vessel is just but a myriad of chemicals constantly trying to find an equilibrium surrounded by energy. Whether you believe in this energy is a different matter but why cant you believe when you don’t ever question how you are able to receive a call on your mobile or listen to your music via a bluetooth device.

Here you will find all types of experts from the more conventional and accepted to the more outthere. They are all valid and they ALL help.

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Learn about your vessel, the one you drive EVERY DAY!