As a Clinical Massage therapist my passion is helping you to be out of Acute & Chronic Pain and empowering you with various tools to manage your mindset towards it. Since this new life online I found myself adapting my business to this new online world. Many wondered how I could help them if I could not touch them.

Clinical session and Selfcare online

This has been the most wonderful process of development and connection with new and old clients! So thank you for those that were brave enough to try it and continue with it 🙂

If you haven’t tried it yet then give it a go!! Within these sessions you will still feel amazing! You will be taught not only how to massage yourself but you will learn so much about your body, your mind and your wellbeing.

The sessions are a wealth of information and a combination of ground breaking methods. They are 30min or 60mins long and you will be taught about Myofascia Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Movement Therapy, Tapping, Breathing techniques and much more.

The outcome of the sessions will be that you will feel less alone and be much more empowered to your pain management. You will have more range of motion, you will be calmer and more relaxed and your pain should be much less than when we started.

Many of you might be supper stressed, suffering from headaches, tense shoulders and much more! Dont suffer alone! I can help

I have worked with many clients that are pregnant and suffering from Pelvic Girdle pain or ligament pain on their tummy for example and have been able to make them pain free with these session.

Postnatally many have come to me as they might be struggling with back pain or shoulder pain and again the results have been amazing!

My Chronic pain clients have felt supported and have feel they are in control of their conditions.

So give me a shout and book in! Lets help you heal.