Covid Recovery Programme

This programme will provide you with tools to help you deal with your Covid Symptoms in a holistic way. It has been designed following a biopsychosocial model.

The programme has been designed to give you the tools and techniques that support the mind and body. You will learn Self-care techniques that will assist in your recovery and lessen your pain and anxiety.

Your body and mind have gone through a massive rollercoaster which has left an imbalance not only chemically but also emotionally. You are likely feeling in pain, uncomfortable, fragile, anxious, fearful maybe even depressed but this practise is here to help empower you.

Many recovering from Covid19 have been left with ‘Long Covid’. This means you will be suffering from breathing difficulties, digestive issues, heart palpitations, exhaustion, headaches to name but a few of the symptoms and disorders. You are likely managing this with supplements and changes to your diet but it is important to see your body system as a whole therefore this programme will provide you with Myofascia Release & Self Massage, Trigger point therapy, Tapping, Breathing techniques, mobility and movement practise (not exercise) and Mind Body Connection Therapy.

What does the session cover?

30mins or 1hrs Webinar of Self-care with Margarita Bennett where you will go through your Self-Care –

*Myofascia release & self massage,

*Trigger point therapy, Tapping,

*Breathing techniques,

*Mobility and movement practise (not exercise)

*Mind Body Connection Therapy.

Access to the video library whenever you want.

Access to a private support group on FB