Core Rehabilitaytion, Stability & Strength Training

In these 121 Sessions you will learn about posture and be challenged while developing and Strengthening your core.

The sessions are fun as well as super educational as you will learn about your body and how to engage the correct muscles so as to get stronger and minimise injury.

If you have had an injury or you have bad posture which cause you to utilise the wrong muscles while training, these sessions will teach you to rebalance and become aware of bad habits so as to retrain and implement the correct habits for future exercise and every day activities.

These Sessions are also fantastic for Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers or any body worker working with Clients in a physical way. Margarita can teach you the best way to protect yourself agains injury and educate you on how to protect and educate your client.

Every session will be different and will be focused on what your body needs to increase optimal strength & wellbeing.