Online Services! Empower youserlf and learn to self massage.

Have you been in pain but can’t see a Clinical Massage therapist? Are you suffering from Anxiety, Stress and feeling overwhelmed?

Life has changed dramatically for all during this time.

Many of us are working from home or home-schooling or both! – in spaces that are not our usual office space, on chairs or sofa or even on the bed which means our bodies are being placed in ways that will increase pain. You may develop things like Sciatica, headaches, back pain which you may not have suffered from before .

Added to this we are living with the Covid-rollercoaster – One day we are good, one day we are low… we feel like Jekill and Hyde which is making many of us suffer from stress, anxiety and even depression.

For some being in Lockdown the possibility of exercising more often or developing new hobbies has been more accessible. This is wonderful but if you are now delving into the online classes and don’t really know your body you will more likely be using the wrong muscle which intern will start causing discomfort.


This is why this Self-Care and Wellbeing package has been created!

In these online Consultations you will learn to be empowered on how to help yourself, your mind and your body.

These sessions are a safe space where you can not only discuss how you are feeling but you will be given self massage tips, breathing techniques, stretches and much mush more.

The sessions are recorded for you so you can re-watch as often as you like.

If you would like to book a Consultation please contact Margarita Bennett on 07500 333938

Learn to meditate

Learn to breathe, to truly breathe

Learn to let go…