Margarita Bennett

Margarita’s extensive knowledge of anatomy due to her Advance Clinical Massage training in combination with her Pilates, Personal Training and Core stability speciality deliver a solid foundation for rehabilitation which gives the client a whole body approach. Her keen interest in rehabilitation and many years’ experience in helping people has provided her with a broad and effective method which has helped many individuals with postural issues and chronic pain.



  • Margarita has been schooled at the renowned and well respected Jing Advanced Massage Training Centre in Advance Clinical Massage (ACMT) therapy. Her treatments have helped many to reduce pain. Whether a whiplash, migraines, SPD, Sacral Dysfunction, Carpal tunnel, chronic back pain just to name but a few. She works with men, women and Children (much shorter session).
  • The method used in Clinical Massage therapy is a combination between an Eastern and Western Approach. It is a beautiful fusion of Shiatsu and deep tissue with elements of Thai Stretches, Acupressure and Trigger points.
  • This type of massage is different from most massage therapy as not only does it help with relaxation but it can reduce pain, it helps with keeping stress levels down, it increases body mobility and improves body realignment.
  • It not only decreases tension; it increases circulation and improves skin elasticity which boosts the immune system as well as aids in the rehabilitation of Diastasis Recti when applied to the abdominal muscles and connective tissue.
  • This style of massage can help many disorders such as:
  • Repetitive motion injuries/Repetitive Strain Dysfunction
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)
  • Neuromuscular conditions
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Chronic headaches/Migraines
  • Muscle spasms/cramps
  • Whiplash
  • ME & Fibromyalgia


  • Pre and Post Operative treatments are a fantastic way of helping the connective tissue prepare or heal.

SPD – This type of massage can help massively in the prevention and deterioration of Symphys Pubic Dysfunction.


Rehabilitation 121 -

When rehabilitation is needed Margarita has developed a unique training format; which encompasses all her skills providing a very ‘focused’ session.

Margarita’s method helps you to achieve your goals in a healthy and fun way as well as highlights any postural issues you may have. This is worked on in every session order to aid, prevent and/ or improvement of any muscular or skeletal issues.


After becoming a mother, Margarita specializes in working with women, primarily focusing on Pre and Postnatal Pilates. For the last 10 yrs she has predominantly made her lifes passion preparing women for birth and then ‘putting them back together’ post-partum.


Her specialist areas are in preventing and aiding Symphis Pubis Disfuction, Pelvic Girdle Pain, CTS, Gestational Diabetes, Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Issues, Postnatal Depression and general physical and emotional rehabilitation all of which are covered during the session. Due to her passion for rehabilitation Margarita now also provides programmes that people can follow at home to strength their bodies after surgery or due to any chronic condition such as ME, MS.

  • Margarita is a calm, intuitive, knowledgeable woman who offered a space of healing and rest for myself. I worked with margarita through a time of crisis in my life. I was extracting my self from a long term abusive relationship,  and living with many external responsibilities and internal trauma that I was carrying with in my body and mind . With out talking as you would a counsellor ( we did little talking ) margarita knew. Her intuition and ability know how and where to work is a gift. It was a gift I gave my self. I felt safe with her, that trust has been important in my healing, because it is very easy to cut off from your body and not feel but it remembers, and carries it, holds on to it.. margarita worked with me so I could move forward.. to today and today is good .

    Lara B, Brighton
  • While passing through Brighton last year, I was referred to Margarita for a massage and thankfully took my friends advice. I have worked in the health field for 20+ years and I am often reluctant to get massages from unknown practitioners, as they often lack even a back understanding of physiology. Margarita is quite a special in that she has a deep knowledge base, and is both interested and passion about physical recovery. It would be wrong to categorise what she does as a simply 'massage', as she is, in the truest sense of the word, a healer. It was one of the most relaxing massages I've ever received, but most importantly, in one session she was able to make lasting corrections to a long standing shoulder issue I've had. She is incredibly kind and caring, and I would like to pass on that very lucky recommendation I received a year ago, as it was more then deserved. Anthony Lucero, USA

    Anthony Lucero, USA
  • Its very hard to put this experience into words. I have had opportunity to meet Margarita during my second visit to Brighton. She is an intuitive and connected therapist, figures out need of body and works according to it. During my massage session, I could feel strong tangible flow of energies into my body, which healed me of every minor stiffness and other energy blockages. I can happily recommend her to anyone who wants a deeper experience of massage therapy. Thank you Margarita. Blessings, Vipin

    Vipin, Himalays
  • Margarita's Deep Tissue Massage is an amazing experience. Her sessions are a perfect combination of therapeutic manipulation and wonderful relaxation and are truly invigorating. I could literally feel my blood flow increasing at great speed. Margarita has sound knowledge of anatomy and tailors her sessions to perfection‎. I left the room feeling brand new!

    Suzie Valerio
  • “Training with Margarita has been great fun! I have had three babies back to back, they are six, four and eighteen months. After having my third I literally felt like i’d been in a car crash! My back, neck and shoulders were constantly aching, and although I am lucky to have never been over weight, I had gained a tyre around my middle which I was incredibly self concious and unhappy about. I joined a gym which has been great but I mainly stuck to classes as I found the advice and guidance or the gym instructors completely useless. This is where Margarita has really helped me out. She assessed me and told me exactly what was wrong with me, and where I was out of alignment. However, most importantly she has showed me the right excercises I need to do to correct my problems. It has been amazing, my back, neck and shoulders are nearly back to normal and my tyre has almost gone. I feel stronger and have loads more energy, and can see my body shape changing, which is really rewarding. I have found a new love for fitness which I never had before! I love going to the gym now, thank you Margarita.”

    Natalia Perkins, Hove
  • “I never thought that at the age of 84 I would be having one to one sessions with a Personal Trainer but after speaking with Margarita I had to give it a go. I explained how I was having problems with my pelvic floor. My GP had said that it was old age and I should just accept that this is the way it will be. Margarita on the other hand said the pelvic floor is a muscle and like all muscles they can be strengthen and improved. I saw her for 8 weeks, she took me through various core exercises as well as pelvic floor exercises and now I do them at home every day and my pelvic floor is much stronger. I no longer have that sense of urgency that would always send me into a panic.”

    Beata 84yrs (Hove)
  • “Invaluable advice!! thanks so much for coming over! Margarita definitely has made me think about my posture, and I have been doing the exercises, and pelvic floor exercises every day.”

    Jess Haggerty (4 months pregnant in Brighton)
  • “I started working out with Margarita Bennett about four months after having my second child. I’d found it hard to lose the baby weight after this particular pregnancy (I’m 5ft1” and normally a size 8-10, but had just had an 11lb baby) so I’d pretty much assumed my bikini days were over! Then Margarita came along and changed all of that. Not only did she change my body shape, my energy levels and also my rate of fitness, but she also completely altered my attitude to exercise – and I’d thought all of that was impossible! If I could give any woman any piece of advice it is this: Don’t buy that dress or that cake or that nail polish. Instead, treat yourself to some one-to-one workouts with Margarita. Why? Because, in the long run, it will be money better spent. I worked bloody hard for one hour a week (all the time I could spare as a busy mum) but it really worked. After each workout, Margarita gave me lots of nutritional advice too. I really appreciated this and I have to say that the two things combined were the recipe for getting fit, slim and healthy. Lots of trainers might specialise in women’s fitness, but Margarita just seems to know exactly what needs to be done to put things back together again. If you get a chance to sign up for training with Margarita, just do it (because she gets booked up pretty quickly and her sessions are gold dust). Working out with her gave me the right balance of encouragement and good results. It changed my life because she made me want to exercise.” “Incidentally, in my first five weeks of working out with Margarita, I lost 5” off my waist. She’s amazing.”

    Jessica Harvey 32 (mother of two young healthy strapping boys)
  • "I can’t thank you enough for all your help, support and above all, making it fun and personal. You have done wonders and I always tell people how fab you are. Will definitely be back for more if we are lucky enough to have a baby number 2."

    Lorraine, Hove
  • "Margaritas sessions are fantastic and a lesson both me and my baby really look forward to each week. They are excellent if you are keen to get back in to shape but want to do this with your baby and so encouraging play and bonding. The classes are small with emphasis on tailoring sessions to the individuals and babies present. I started the classes when my daughter was 3 months old. She loves the classes whether she is watching the other babies, the other mums or participating as a weight for my exercises!! Margarita is a great motivator and has been fantastic helping me get in shape."

    Kim, Hove
  • “Margarita has the ability to make a tired, lumpy, worn out new Mum feel like she has a real chance at getting her swagger back. The workouts are enjoyably hard and carefully designed to concentrate on the areas that pregnancy has taken its toll. She is an incredible motivator and instils the belief that getting back to your pre-pregnancy figure and energy levels, is not far off. She is also very good company along the way and empathetic having two young children of her own, although don’t expect her to go soft as she has your goal in sight even if you are not clear what it is yet! You will learn to love the plank and all exercises involving an inflatable ball.”

    Karen Covic mum of a beautiful little girl
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